They say not to judge a book by its cover, but who are we kidding?

It’s undeniable that the cover of a book affects your decision to either read on or put it back on the shelf.

Your storefront is your customers first impression of your business.

Don't miss an opportunity - Let us make your business pop.

When used right, your storefront window can be one of the

most powerful weapons in your arsenal to make you stand out

from the competition.

Want to add some personal flair to your space,

or let your customers know who and what you do.

Photo-tex is the product

for you. You can use it -

change your mind -

take it down and use it

again. It is perfect for

any room in your home,

office, or business.


Photo-Tex is a unique patented removable and re-usable inkjet adhesive fabric media that can be placed most anywhere with a flat non-porous surface without leaving residue after removal. This amazing material can be illuminated with a back-light, wrapped around corners, placed on ceilings and walls without losing its adhesive qualities. One of the most touted qualities of Photo-Tex is this inkjet receptive adhesive fabric material can be repositioned countless times without losing adhesion.


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